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On Creating Dementia-Friendly Communities

By now, we are all far too familiar with that ubiquitous announcement in airports and train stations: “If you see something, say something.” Of course, we’re all supposed to be on the lookout for suspicious, dangerous behaviors among our fellow … Continue reading

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The Loneliness Factor

No one is a stranger to loneliness. The “pain of being alone,” as philosopher Paul Tillich described it, is part of being human. But prolonged loneliness, the inability to find or maintain social connections, is a struggle for a significant … Continue reading

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Is Long Term Care Insurance Worth the Investment?

Getting older is an expensive proposition. With each decade, the risk of living with a chronic disease, some form of dementia, or other disabling condition, increases. Chances are that most of us will need some kind of assistance with daily … Continue reading

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Post-Traumatic Growth: How to Cultivate Resilience

Caring for an aging loved one can wear you down. Worry about pain and suffering, power struggles, physical strain, emotional stress, financial fears, anxiety over what the future holds—the list goes on. In troubled times, when you are pulled in … Continue reading

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Nursing Homes Are Not a “Last Resort”

For many adult children, the idea of placing your aging parent in a nursing home can feel like a failure: “That’s where old people go to die.” “You should take care of your mother like she took care of you.” … Continue reading

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